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Minutes before a chamber music concert, a TEF volunteer happily comes to the rescue of a cellist who forgot to pack his formal tie. The grateful musican performs that evening wearing a tie from the volunteer's own collection.


When artists require the assistance of a page-turner, a TEF board member graciously fills the role. For many concerts, an attorney serves at TEF's stage manager, while behind the scenes, a city engineer, an orthodontist and an architect moonlight as the lighting crew. 


Volunteers fill many roles at TEF, including selecting the artists, selling tickets, creating marketing campaigns, driving artists to and from the airport, setting tables for the buffet, ushering at concerts, coordinating educational outreach programs and much more.  


Patrons are often surprised to find a series of this caliber in a town the size of Thomasville. "How," they ask, "can TEF present such stellar talent year after year?"


The answer is simple:  it is through the generosity and support of a community that values the arts. For the all-volunteer Board of Trustees, working at TEF is a labor of love that enables the organization to devote the bulk of its financial resources to programming.


The pleasure of advancing TEF's mission is the motivation and the reward for their efforts. 


If you would like to know more about volunteering at TEF, email us at



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