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Thomasville In Concert

A History of the Thomasville Entertainment Foundation Since 1937

By Nadia R. Watts






A highly accessible, well researched tribute to the Thomasville Entertainment Foundation, this beautifully designed coffee-table book celebrates TEF’s fascinating 80-year history with engaging stories and stunning photography.


Includes a comprehensive list of the artists and ensembles presented by TEF.


Hardcover  |  $35.00




On sale at these Thomasville (Georgia) locations:


Thomasville Entertainment Foundation
600 E. Washington St.


The Bookshelf
126 S. Broad St.
229.228.7767 |


The Gift Shop
103 S. Broad St.



About the Author


Author, journalist and educator Nadia R. Watts, a Thomasville resident, composes narratives for families, schools and other organizations. Get to know her at


from the front porch

162 || March Madness 2018

4 days ago · 44 minutes

Annie sits down for her husband Jordan for their annual March Madness episode, a long-standing FTFP tradition. This episode is sponsored by the Thomasville Entertainment Foundation; the Foundation's new book, Thomasville in Concert, celebrates the Foundation's 80 years in Thomasville. You can purchase the beautiful new book (written by our friend Nadia Watts) on the TEF website or in-store at The Bookshelf.


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